Rules & By-Laws

Find the league rules and by-laws below. The current VCYTC League Rulebook was amended 2/2019.

Added/Removed/Amended Rules for 2019

ADDED to Article 2, Section 2-02:

Athletes in the VCYTC will participate in competitions consistent with their gender identity. The athlete’s identity is determined at the time team rosters are submitted to the VCYTC. All rules regarding competitions between genders will follow the current VCYTC rule book. If there are changes to an athlete’s identified gender after the roster submission, a written notice to the VCYTC must be submitted to change the athlete’s gender for the remainder of the season. The purpose of the proposal is not to allow athletes to choose the level of competition, but to allow the athletes to compete with athletes who are consistent with the athlete’s gender identity.
(Proposed on December 2018, Proposal Passed and adopted to rule book 2/6/19)