Meet Files

(To download the Weekly MM files and updated TM League roster, you will need a password which will be sent to each VCYTC club. You will fine the page for those files HERE.)

Here is the latest version of MMPlus. This program access your Team Manager database (.mdb) and uses the data to print field event sheets and bib stickers with athletes top marks and ranking among attending clubs/athletes plus bar codes for quickly seeding Meet Manager heats in staging.

Also allows printing of PR labels for recognizing athletes top mark on a meet by meet basis.

Download MMPlus HERE
Meet Manager Monitor (MMClient)
Meet Manager Monitor (MMClient) will pull athletes from Meet Manager templates “Mixed” heats and automatically place the athletes into their right event based on age group and gender after judging the Finish Lynx captured event. No more re-judging mixed heats multiple times. MM Client will also automatically make live event results and place them into the folder of your choice which you can then upload to the web (FTP, NetDrive, WebDAV, DropBox (if supported by your account still).

NEW FEATURE: Responsive (mobile friendly) results page generated by MMClient!!

Download MM Client  HERE

For Questions/feature requests/support with the above files, contact Leigh Stivers at

1500/3000 or 1600/3200 Conversion:

You can use this spreadsheet to convert up or down from 1500/3000 and 1600/3200 times: