VCYTC Championships & Co-Conference Championships Records

This is the updated records list through 2016 VCYTC Varsity Finals. If you spot an error please notify VCYTC to have the error looked into.

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11Girls 3200 Meter Run Midget11:37.8h1984Rachel Muir - Newbury Park
16Boys 3200 Meter Run Midget10:58.4h1995Ian Campbell - Oxnard
21Girls 3200 Meter Run Youth11:30.65/10/2014Nevaeh Walla - Blazers
26Boys 3200 Meter Run Youth10:12.22007Easton Tackett - Camarillo
31Girls 3200 Meter Run Intermediate11:37.95/18/2013Kylee Yturralde - Cosmos
36Boys 3200 Meter Run Intermediate9:58.8h1986Shaun Goetzinger - Thousand Oaks
55Boys 100 Meter Hurdles 33" Intermediate13.82003Daniel Griffes - Thousand Oaks
60Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 30" Intermediate16.035/6/2017Elise Craft - Thousand Oak
70Boys 100 Meter Hurdles 33" Youth14.6h1996Samuel Phillip - Oxnard
75Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 30" Youth15.445/10/2014Kierra Sherrod - Stars
80Boys 80 Meter Hurdles 30" Midget135/19/2012Brandon Egerer - Flyers
85Girls 80 Meter Hurdles 30" Midget13.125/22/2010Maya Hutchinson - Panthers
90Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Bantam58.455/10/2014Ventura Tigres - TigresK Washington, K Washington, S Rodriguez, T Sommars
95Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Bantam56.495/19/2012Oxnard Stars - Oxnard StarsA Fontes, K Wilson, E Feciuch, J Jones
100Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Midget52.795/9/2015Oxnard Stars - Oxnard StarsA Tucker, J Richardson, R Austin, M Holland
105Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Midget52.285/18/2013Oxnard Stars - StarsE Feciuch, M Williams-Marisco, K Wilson, M Sherrod
110Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Youth49.585/19/2012Oxnard Stars - Oxnard StarsS Fontes, C Barnes, A Staples-West, K Summers
115Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Youth46.882008OxnardM Brown, B Dixon, D Bonds, M Lopez
120Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Intermediate50.292005Oxnard
125Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Intermediate45.682005Oxnard
130Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Gremlin65.45/7/2016Newbury Park Panthers - Newbury ParkM Knauer, E Dorsi, A Caulfield, E Pontacq
135Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Gremlin64.285/22/2010Oxnard Stars - StarsN Williams, K Wilson, J Jones, M Sherrod
151Girls 1600 Meter Run Gremlin06:12.25/9/2015Niza Laureano - Ventura Tigr
156Boys 1600 Meter Run Gremlin05:48.75/14/2011Chase Schermer - Flyers
161Girls 1600 Meter Run Bantam05:42.25/6/2017Niza Laureano - Heritage Val
166Boys 1600 Meter Run Bantam05:27.12008Cameron Kunde - Ojai
171Girls 1600 Meter Run Midget05:27.02004Savannah Finfrock - Camarillo
176Boys 1600 Meter Run Midget5:10.7h2003Michael Roman - Oxnard
181Girls 1600 Meter Run Youth05:16.72002Emily Spiker - Ventura
186Boys 1600 Meter Run Youth04:40.65/6/2017Angus Fitzgerald - Thousand Oak
191Girls 1600 Meter Run Intermediate05:16.85/9/2015Claire Adams - Thousand Oak
196Boys 1600 Meter Run Intermediate04:43.32001Ken Brook - Thousand Oaks
210Girls 400 Meter Dash Gremlin75.275/19/2012Sophie Beck - Ventura Tigres
215Boys 400 Meter Dash Gremlin73.325/14/2011Jaden Jones - Stars
220Girls 400 Meter Dash Bantam67.665/9/2015Ailish Hawkins - Newbury Park
225Boys 400 Meter Dash Bantam64.55/18/2013Jaden Jones - Stars
230Girls 400 Meter Dash Midget62.715/9/2015Samantha Simental - Camarillo Co
235Boys 400 Meter Dash Midget58.762006Benjamin Dixon - Oxnard
240Girls 400 Meter Dash Youth57.0h2003Chelsea Davis - Newbury Park
245Boys 400 Meter Dash Youth52.362008Benjamin Dixon - Oxnard
250Girls 400 Meter Dash Intermediate60.682006Lydia French - Thousand Oaks
255Boys 400 Meter Dash Intermediate53.355/6/2017Michael Holland - Moorpark Str
270Girls 100 Meter Dash Gremlin15.32000Megan Wales - SB
275Boys 100 Meter Dash Gremlin151994Shane Sweeting - Ventura
280Girls 100 Meter Dash Bantam14.065/10/2014Brooklyn Kennedy - Cosmos
285Boys 100 Meter Dash Bantam13.42001Sean Dugan - Ventura
290Girls 100 Meter Dash Midget12.75/8/2009Abigail Smith - TO Flyers
295Boys 100 Meter Dash Midget12.1h1984Steve Carnes - Moorpark
300Girls 100 Meter Dash Youth12.052007Valexsia Droughn - Oxnard Stars
305Boys 100 Meter Dash Youth11.112005Patrick Hall - Oxnard
310Girls 100 Meter Dash Intermediate12.662005Mariyah Lee - Oxnard
315Boys 100 Meter Dash Intermediate11.1h1987Steve Carnes - Moorpark
330Girls 800 Meter Run Gremlin02:55.35/18/2013Chelsea Ochoa - Tigres
335Boys 800 Meter Run Gremlin02:48.15/9/2015Alex Karsten - Newbury Park
340Girls 800 Meter Run Bantam02:40.75/19/2012Hannah Wilson - Flyers
345Boys 800 Meter Run Bantam02:35.02001Michael Roman - Oxnard
350Girls 800 Meter Run Midget02:29.65/6/2017Ailish Hawkins - Newbury Park
355Boys 800 Meter Run Midget02:23.25/7/2016Christopher Sottile - Thousand Oak
360Girls 800 Meter Run Youth02:22.05/22/2010Alexeva Cerise - Flyers
365Boys 800 Meter Run Youth02:06.35/8/2009Angel Maya - Ojai
370Girls 800 Meter Run Intermediate02:23.95/9/2015Claire Adams - Thousand Oak
375Boys 800 Meter Run Intermediate02:04.12007Sean Grumney - Newbury Park
390Girls 200 Meter Dash Bantam29.875/7/2016Lovi Jones - Ventura Tigr
395Boys 200 Meter Dash Bantam27.962002Rickey Minyard - Thousand Oaks
400Girls 200 Meter Dash Midget25.62001Carmen White - Camarillo
405Boys 200 Meter Dash Midget25.62001Malachi Lewis - Oxnard
410Girls 200 Meter Dash Youth24.965/19/2012Celera Barnes - Oxnard Stars
415Boys 200 Meter Dash Youth23.145/6/2017Christian Middleton - Newbury Park
420Girls 200 Meter Dash Intermediate26.52005Mariyah Lee - Moorpark
425Boys 200 Meter Dash Intermediate23.775/6/2017Michael Holland - Moorpark Str
430Girls 200 Meter Dash Gremlin32.165/10/2014Lovi Jones - Tigres
435Boys 200 Meter Dash Gremlin31.175/14/2011Jaden Jones - Stars
450Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Bantam04:58.65/9/2015Ventura Tigres - Ventura TigrC Ochoa, A Cunningham, R Mendez, L Shadden
455Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Bantam04:43.05/19/2012Thousand Oaks Flyers - Flyers
460Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Midget04:27.45/6/2017Newbury Park Track - Newbury ParkL Scully, A Slattum, P Scully, A Hawkins
465Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Midget04:22.32007Ojai RoadrunnersS Strong, I Morrissey, R Lanning, A Maya
470Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Youth04:11.65/6/2017Oxnard Stars - Oxnard StarsR Austin, J Richardson, A Thompson, M Holland
475Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Youth03:46.45/19/2012Ojai Roadrunners - RoadrunnersD Poindexter, S McCune, C Kunde, J York
480Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate04:23.92005Thousand Oaks
485Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate03:49.35/14/2011Camarillo Cosmos - CosmosJ Fitzgerald, C Wrout, S Brown, C Hernandez
805Girls High Jump Bantam4-05.005/19/2012Victoria Plummer - Striders
810Boys High Jump Bantam4-04.001992Jeremy Terrell - Thousand Oaks
815Girls High Jump Midget5-04.005/10/2014Victoria Plummer - Striders
820Boys High Jump Midget5-01.002006E. Gunter (Np '82) , S. Ryan (Ve '06)
825Girls High Jump Youth5-07.005/9/2015Victoria Plummer - Moorpark Str
830Boys High Jump Youth6-00.001993Dennis Storbakken - Moorpark
835Girls High Jump Intermediate4-11.002007Kayla Lindquist - Camarillo
840Boys High Jump Intermediate6-05.251986E. Thomas - Camarillo
855Girls Long Jump Gremlin12-01.005/10/2014Lovi Jones - Tigres
860Boys Long Jump Gremlin12-08.252004Brice Dixon - Oxnard
865Girls Long Jump Bantam13-05.501983L. Stafford - Newbury Park
870Boys Long Jump Bantam14-11.251987Jay Ramsey - Ventura
875Girls Long Jump Midget16-04.002000Lauren Reid - Oxnard
880Boys Long Jump Midget17-01.502004Rickey Minyard - Oxnard
885Girls Long Jump Youth17-03.502006A. Burnham (Ox '84), L. Rohach (Mp '06) - Oxnard
890Boys Long Jump Youth19-08.251985Steve Carnes - Moorpark
895Girls Long Jump Intermediate16-07.501980J. Mayes - Moorpark
900Boys Long Jump Intermediate20-04.502001C. Campbell - Ventura
915Girls Shot Put 6 lb. Bantam25-04.505/19/2012Atefa Hijaz - Striders
920Boys Shot Put 6 lb. Bantam31-09.255/9/2015Adam Laycock - Thousand Oak
925Girls Shot Put 6 lb. Midget36-09.005/9/2015Julia Richey - Newbury Park
930Boys Shot Put 6 lb. Midget44-02.001978Don Laut - Oxnard
935Girls Shot Put 6 lb. Youth42-09.005/14/2011Kendall Mader - Panthers
940Boys Shot Put 4 kg. Youth53-04.251980Don Laut - Oxnard
945Girls Shot Put 4 kg. Intermediate31-07.502008Hannah Burdick - Newbury Park
951Boys Shot Put 10 lb. Intermediate55-10.005/9/2015Luciano Barretto - Oxnard Stars
EventRecord Time/MarkMeet DateAthlete/TeamRelay Participants
Girls 3000 Meter Run Midget10:19.195/16/2015Alexis Fernandez - Warriors
Girls 3200 Meter Run Midget11:37.775/21/2016Sofia Abrego - Chiefs
Boys 3000 Meter Run Midget10:06.862010Spencer McCune - Ojai
Boys 3200 Meter Run Midget11:24.845/21/2016Michael-Camilo Torres - Tigres
Girls 3000 Meter Run Youth10:29.035/17/2014Mariah Castillo - Sonics
Girls 3200 Meter Run Youth10:55.865/21/2016Alexis Fernandez - Santa Clarit
Boys 3000 Meter Run Youth9:29.645/21/2011Mac Kaufman - Ltng Warriors
Boys 3200 Meter Run Youth10:51.155/21/2016Nicholas Goldstein - Panthers
Girls 3000 Meter Run Intermediate10:45.065/21/2011Brianne Holland - Svrr
Girls 3200 Meter Run Intermediate14:30.165/21/2016Shannon Gregg - Panthers
Boys 3000 Meter Run Intermediate9:43.472010Michael Picchini - Moorpark
Boys 3200 Meter Run Intermediate10:23.285/21/2016Ryan Koepnick - United Track
Men 3000 Meter Run Young10:17.205/17/2014Armando Vigil - Chiefs
Men 100 Meter Hurdles 33" Young17.815/21/2011Mohamed Haddada - Chiefs
Boys 100 Meter Hurdles 33" Intermediate14.362010Shawn Gratland - Newbury Park
Boys 100 Meter Hurdles 33" Youth15.015/16/2015Andre McDonald - Running Rebels
Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 30" Intermediate14.816/1/2013Isabella Cameron - United
Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 30" Youth15.406/1/2013Tara Davis - United
Girls 80 Meter Hurdles 30" Midget12.605/21/2011Elani Rice - Eagles
Boys 80 Meter Hurdles 30" Midget13.135/16/2015Semaj Freeman - Running Rebels
Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Gremlin1:05.795/21/2016Moorpark Striders - StridersM Bickham, D Quiller, M Owens, G Gonzalez
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Gremlin1:03.455/21/2011West Valley Eagles TrackClub - EaglesA Boardingham, K Frelow, S Gambrah, J Wesley
Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Bantam58.065/16/2015Calabasas Cheetahs - CheetahsN Clayton, I Clayton, A Jennings, T Fann
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Bantam56.445/16/2015Thousand Oaks Flyers - FlyersJ Sorrell, E Spayde, J Abarzua, G Sterling
Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Midget52.115/16/2015Oxnard Stars - StarsA Tucker, J Richardson, R Austin, M Holland
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Midget52.425/17/2014Chatsworth Chiefs - ChiefsM Gaspard, R Montoya, S Hernandez, M Holland
Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Youth50.226/2/2012Oxnard - StarsS Fontes, C Barnes, A Staples-West, K Summers
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Youth46.802010 - Santa Clarita West
Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Intermediate51.836/1/2013United Track Club - UnitedA McPhillips, P Harrington, N Schiller, I Cameron
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Intermediate46.965/17/2014Oxnard Stars - StarsK Nicholson, M Allen, D Staples, T Brunson
Men 14-17 4x100 Meter Relay Young48.036/2/2012Chatsworth - ChiefsE Anozie, J Envieh, O Qureshi, M Haddada
Girls 1500 Meter Run Gremlin5:33.695/16/2015Niza Laureano - Tigres
Girls 1600 Meter Run Gremlin6:27.225/21/2016Paola Estrada - Blazers
Boys 1500 Meter Run Gremlin5:30.935/21/2011Chase Schermer - Flyers
Boys 1600 Meter Run Gremlin6:20.885/21/2016Alex Rawlings - United Track
Girls 1500 Meter Run Bantam5:15.276/1/2013Alexis Fernandez - Warrior Track
Girls 1600 Meter Run Bantam5:51.905/21/2016Grace Geyer - United Track
Boys 1500 Meter Run Bantam4:54.862010Timothy Sterkel - Santa Clarita West
Boys 1600 Meter Run Bantam5:32.525/21/2016Ayden Buchanan - Santa Clarit
Girls 1500 Meter Run Midget4:48.625/16/2015Alexis Fernandez - Warriors
Girls 1600 Meter Run Midget5:28.155/21/2016Sydney Covington - United Track
Boys 1500 Meter Run Midget4:44.992010Patrick Larkin - Simi Valley
Boys 1600 Meter Run Midget5:22.585/21/2016Christopher Sottile - Flyers
Girls 1500 Meter Run Youth4:51.476/2/2012Michelle Magnani - Striders
Girls 1600 Meter Run Youth5:05.335/21/2016Alexis Fernandez - Santa Clarit
Boys 1500 Meter Run Youth4:22.655/16/2015Michael Holcomb - United
Boys 1600 Meter Run Youth4:51.895/21/2016Preston Green - United Track
Girls 1500 Meter Run Intermediate4:46.312010Sarah Baxter - Simi Valley
Boys 1500 Meter Run Intermediate4:25.455/17/2014Brett Beattie - Tigres
Boys 1600 Meter Run Intermediate4:52.595/21/2016Ryan Koepnick - United Track
Women 1500 Meter Run Young6:02.682010Micayla Frankian - Santa Clarita East
Men 1500 Meter Run Young4:33.445/21/2011Chris Nicolas - Eagles
Girls 400 Meter Dash Gremlin1:15.886/2/2012Sophie Beck - Tigres
Boys 400 Meter Dash Gremlin1:13.575/16/2015Alex Karsten - Panthers
Girls 400 Meter Dash Bantam1:07.555/21/2011Destiny Collins - Eagles
Boys 400 Meter Dash Bantam1:05.272010Ezekial Bishop - Simi Valley
Girls 400 Meter Dash Midget1:00.825/21/2011Bailey Pate - Eagles
Boys 400 Meter Dash Midget59.772010Fudail Burns - West Valley
Girls 400 Meter Dash Youth58.695/21/2011Sarah Johnson - Flyers
Boys 400 Meter Dash Youth53.145/17/2014Kai Bixler - Striders
Girls 400 Meter Dash Intermediate57.795/17/2014Carolyn Wilson - United
Boys 400 Meter Dash Intermediate52.845/21/2016Michael Holcomb - United Track
Men 400 Meter Dash Young59.316/2/2012Omar Qureshi - Chiefs
Girls 100 Meter Dash Gremlin14.995/17/2014Lovi Jones - Tigres
Boys 100 Meter Dash Gremlin15.455/16/2015Jamarey Smith - Ctc Hawks
Girls 100 Meter Dash Bantam14.252010Giavanna Solomon - West Valley
Boys 100 Meter Dash Bantam13.985/16/2015Jonathan Abarzua - Flyers
Girls 100 Meter Dash Midget13.212010Ahna Cameron - United
Boys 100 Meter Dash Midget12.662010Tarrik Brock - Calabasas
Girls 100 Meter Dash Youth12.535/21/2011Abigail Smith - Westlake Arrows
Boys 100 Meter Dash Youth11.595/17/2014Cristian Moore - Svrr
Girls 100 Meter Dash Intermediate12.932010Brooke Edell - United
Boys 100 Meter Dash Intermediate11.512010Dominic Pennucci - Santa Clarita East
Women 100 Meter Dash Young16.646/2/2012Naia Danko - Chiefs
Men 100 Meter Dash Young12.096/2/2012John Envieh - Chiefs
Girls 800 Meter Run Gremlin2:52.565/16/2015Niza Laureano - Tigres
Boys 800 Meter Run Gremlin2:44.285/21/2011Constantine Lagos - Svrr
Girls 800 Meter Run Bantam2:36.086/1/2013Alexis Fernandez - Warrior Track
Boys 800 Meter Run Bantam2:27.272010Timothy Sterkel - Santa Clarita West
Girls 800 Meter Run Midget2:22.085/16/2015Alexis Fernandez - Warriors
Boys 800 Meter Run Midget2:23.182010Fudail Burns - West Valley
Girls 800 Meter Run Youth2:19.505/21/2016Alexis Fernandez - Santa Clarit
Boys 800 Meter Run Youth2:05.482010Jonathan Byrne - Thousand Oaks
Girls 800 Meter Run Intermediate2:21.775/16/2015Claire Adams - Flyers
Boys 800 Meter Run Intermediate2:03.185/21/2016Michael Holcomb - United Track
Women 800 Meter Run Young2:57.292010Micayla Frankian - Santa Clarita East
Men 800 Meter Run Young2:26.102010Nathan Downer - Santa Clarita East
Girls 200 Meter Dash Gremlin31.885/17/2014Lovi Jones - Tigres
Boys 200 Meter Dash Gremlin32.025/21/2011Jaden Jones - Oxnard Stars
Girls 200 Meter Dash Bantam29.975/17/2014Brooklyn Kennedy - Cosmos
Boys 200 Meter Dash Bantam28.376/1/2013Jaden Jones - Stars
Girls 200 Meter Dash Midget26.565/21/2011Elani Rice - Eagles
Boys 200 Meter Dash Midget26.372010Tarrik Brock - Calabassas
Girls 200 Meter Dash Youth25.476/2/2012Celera Barnes - Stars
Boys 200 Meter Dash Youth24.075/17/2014Cristian Moore - Svrr
Girls 200 Meter Dash Intermediate26.822010Brooke Edell - United
Boys 200 Meter Dash Intermediate24.095/16/2015Alejandro Ortiz - Stars
Women 200 Meter Dash Young35.536/2/2012Naia Danko - Chiefs
Men 200 Meter Dash Young24.045/21/2011Kyle Davis - Chiefs
Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Bantam4:53.422010 - United
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Bantam4:40.755/21/2011Scvaa-W Lightning Warriors - Ltng WarriorsA DeShields, T Schoelen, R Neff, Z Smalls
Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Midget4:18.915/21/2011West Valley Eagles TrackClub - EaglesJ Pardue, M Reaux, J Harper, B Pate
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Midget4:16.532010 - West Valley
Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Youth4:10.665/16/2015Ventura Tigres - TigresK Kelly, C Becker, A Moore, P Erickson
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Youth3:47.165/17/2014Ventura Tigres - TigresK Ashley, G Blanks, C Stevenson, C Whitcomb
Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate4:33.395/17/2014United Track Club - UnitedD Kern, S Shulze, N Haq, C Wilson
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Intermediate3:46.175/21/2016United Track Club - United TrackM Holcomb, J Apar, P Green, R Koepnick
Men 14-17 4x400 Meter Relay Young3:55.255/21/2011Chatsworth Chiefs - ChiefsE Anozie, M Haddada, T Alvarez, K Davis
Girls High Jump Bantam4-01.0010/2014Kylynn Daley - Ojai
Boys High Jump Bantam4-04.006/2/2012Ethan Kastenberg - United Track
Girls High Jump Midget5-01.005/17/2014Victoria Plummer - Striders
Boys High Jump Midget5-02.002010Shane Peterson - Moorpark
Girls High Jump Youth5-04.002010Alexandria Florent - Santa Clarita West
Boys High Jump Youth5-08.006/2/2012Shane Peterson - Striders
Girls High Jump Intermediate5-01.005/16/2015Claudia Moysset - Cheetahs
Boys High Jump Intermediate5-06.002010Kyle Friedman - United
Men High Jump Young5-06.002010Nathan Downer - Santa Clarita East
Girls Long Jump Gremlin11-09.256/1/2013Danielle Irvin - Svrr
Boys Long Jump Gremlin11-09.755/16/2015Sydney Natche - Warriors
Girls Long Jump Bantam13-08.505/16/2015Danielle Irvin - Running Rebels
Boys Long Jump Bantam14-03.006/2/2012Elijah Jones - Flyers
Girls Long Jump Midget15-07.752010Naiah Boardingham - West Valley
Boys Long Jump Midget16-03.505/17/2014Marcus Gaspard - Chiefs
Girls Long Jump Youth17-08.506/1/2013Tara Davis - United
Boys Long Jump Youth19-03.005/17/2014Russell Dace - Sonics
Girls Long Jump Intermediate15-01.756/1/2013Noelle Schiller - United
Boys Long Jump Intermediate19-08.005/21/2011Dayton Provost - Ltng Warriors
Women Long Jump Young11-09.752010Micayla Frankian - Santa Clarita East
Men Long Jump Young19-06.506/2/2012John Envieh - Chiefs
Girls Shot Put 6 lb. Bantam27-05.505/16/2015Kimberly Barragan - Tigres
Boys Shot Put 6 lb. Bantam30-05.005/16/2015Adam Laycock - Flyers
Girls Shot Put 6 lb. Midget35-06.505/16/2015Julia Richey - Panthers
Boys Shot Put 6 lb. Midget43-02.755/21/2011Kushaal Tadepalli - Cal
Girls Shot Put 6 lb. Youth42-02.505/21/2011Kendall Mader - NP Panthers
Boys Shot Put 4 kg. Youth52-10.006/1/2013Kushaal Tadepalli - Cal
Girls Shot Put 4 kg. Intermediate32-02.006/1/2013Paige Harrington - United
Boys Shot Put 12 lb. Intermediate48-11.255/16/2015Luciano Barretto - Stars
Women Shot Put 4 kg. Young24-00.506/2/2012Naia Danko - Chiefs
Men Shot Put 12 lb. Young30-05.006/2/2012Mohamed Haddada - Chiefs