5th Annual Co-Conference Invitational Results + Note from Tim Owens (VCYTC) and Randy Jones (SCYTFC)

Here are the results from the 5th Annual Co-Conference Invitational which was this past weekend (April 12th-13th)….and to commend all on the best dual conference meet yet, a note from your meet organizers:

To All,

The 5th annual Co Conference invitational meet was the most successful to date.

The meet directors want to express their appreciation to all clubs and members for their participation in this year’s event.

We established new standards for running the meet. Volunteer support for the meet this year was unprecedented.
Many stepping up in a manner we have not seen in years past.

Special recognition to UTC for their added support, Mr. Jeff Brill and College of the Canyons for hosting this meet.

Thanks again for all your efforts and support. Great meet.

Randy Jones – SCYTFC / Tim Owens –VCYTC



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