AGENDA for LA84 Clinic Feb 21st @ Moorpark High WITH TIMING CLINIC!

YOUTH CLUBS & HIGH SCHOOL TRACK TEAMS PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!! LA84 Clinic this weekend at Moorpark High School – still time to sign up if you go NOW! Also JUST ADDED:  Timing Clinic with speakers from VCYTC AND SCYTFC! NOT just for coaches this year, but your club/team timing staff as well! 


The final agenda is available for the LA84 clinic this Sunday @ Moorpark High School (see below)

IF YOU HAVENT SIGNED UP, PLEASE DO SO NOW! Please do not wait any longer, this clinic is still at risk of being cancelled if more dont sign up!

This clinic will also include a timing clinic – so theres something not just for your coaching staff, but your timing staff/volunteers as well – the timing clinic is from 1:00-1:50 (part 1) and 2:10-3:00 (part 2). Timing Clinic Course speakers are: From VCYTC: Leigh Stivers (Camarillo Cosmos), Erin Sap (Ventura Tigres) and from SCYTFC Steve Cooper (Simi Valley Running Rebels). Of you plan to attend, r even if not sure, SIGN UP NOW with the link above – and also let the timing clinic speakers know who is coming so they can tailor this course for those coming by going here:



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