IMPORTANT RULES – 4/11 & 4/12 Southern California Youth Invitational

Just a reminder about some of the rules for the meet at College of the Canyons this weekend – please make sure all coaches and parents are aware. We would recommend printing a copy for every coach who will be at the meet and making sure they read it. Ignorance of the rules is not excusable!

  1. Meet Director is Tim Owen, with assistance from Sean Morreale (CAM) and Erik Brink (UTC).  All issues should be directed to one of these three individuals.

  2. Meet responsibilities attached, please make sure that you have your areas covered.  All clubs are required to have at least two people there at 6:30AM for Set Up.  First Race goes off at 8:30.

  3. No Coaches Allowed on the Field, only Volunteers.  No Coaching from the Infield or Track.  Coaching from outside the fence is permitted as long as it does not interfere with the event.  In particular the field events, coaches cannot be coaching while other athletes are competing and disrupting the event. The Field Event Judges will determine if the coach is interfering.
  4. COACH Meeting – The Coach Meeting will be held at the Front Gate outside of the Stadium at 8:10.  This way no coaches will be on the field at the start of the meet.  Again, no coaches are allowed on the track and infield, only volunteers.

  5. Relay Zone Judges will be selected by the Meet Director in advance of the meet.  He will communicate directly with selected clubs to notify.

  6. Appeals – If a club or coach does not agree with a judgement or a disqualification rendered during the event, the club has 30 minutes to file a protest with the Meet Directors.  In order for the appeal to be heard a $50 cash fee must be paid in advance and the appeal will be reviewed by the Meet Directors and Jury of Appeals once the protest has been filed.  The decision by the Directors/Jury of Appeals is binding and final.  If the protest upheld, the $50 fee will be returned to the protester.  Each Club must identify one club representative, which should be their President or Head Coach, to be the one to approach the Meet Director if an appeal is brought forward.  The Meet Director will only consider an Appeal from that Representative.  WE WILL NOT CONSIDER an appeal unless it is brought by the identified team representative and includes the $50 Fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

    PLEASE SEND ME THE NAME OF THE CLUB REPRESENTATIVE FROM YOUR CLUB WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR APPEALS.  We need this in advance of the meet so that there is no confusion during the meet.

  7. COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS:  Please respect the facility, we are guests and this facility should be treated as your own.  We that said here are some of the basics that must be followed:  1) WATER ONLY ON TRACK OF INFIELD;  2) NO FOOD OR DRINK ON TRACK OR INFIELD, except water; 3) NO CLIMBING OR JUMPING OVER FENCES – PLEASE RESPECT THE FACILITY

  8. All EPI Entries need to be submitted by Wednesday, April 8 at Midnight.


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