VCYTC 2014 Varsity Finals Seeding

Varsity Finals Participants have been determined. While this is not the final meet entry list (as of 4/30 @ 11:00pm, were still working through some minor errors) its very accurate. You can use the following table of entries and and the search box just above it to enter any value (such as first name, last name, club abbreviation as shown in the last column) to find the data you are looking for. If you find any issue with the data, please contact your clubs VCYTC board person/representative regarding the issue.

GirlsMidget3200m Run 1Jordyn Walla12:07.thHVB
GirlsMidget3200m Run 2Syenna Ponce12:16.thHVB
GirlsMidget3200m Run 3Zayne Yousef12:24.thMP
GirlsMidget3200m Run 4Jasmine Krostag12:47.thNP
GirlsMidget3200m Run 5Amee Davis13:27.thTOF
GirlsMidget3200m Run 6Nora Shah13:30.thVEN
GirlsMidget3200m Run 7Alexandra Neale13:30.thTOF
GirlsMidget3200m Run 8Emily Katz13:32.thTOF
GirlsMidget3200m Run 9Kylie Barbar13:47.thVEN
GirlsMidget3200m Run 10Tallula Auman13:48.thTOF
BoysMidget3200m Run 1Carlos Laureano11:47.thVEN
BoysMidget3200m Run 2Fletcher Gravel12:13.thCAM
BoysMidget3200m Run 3Nicholas Goldstein12:18.thNP
BoysMidget3200m Run 4Michael Cooper12:21.thTOF
BoysMidget3200m Run 5Daniel Appleford12:23.thNP
BoysMidget3200m Run 6Cameron Currey13:10.thTOF
BoysMidget3200m Run 7John Carter13:11.thVEN
BoysMidget3200m Run 8Cooper Priest13:15.thCAM
BoysMidget3200m Run 9Micah Smith13:27.thCAM
GirlsYouth3200m Run 1Nevaeh Walla11:32.thHVB
GirlsYouth3200m Run 2Lauren Kearney11:50.thVEN
GirlsYouth3200m Run 3Kaycie-Rae Tackett12:15.thCAM
GirlsYouth3200m Run 4Clio Wagner12:35.thOX
GirlsYouth3200m Run 5Tess Edwards12:36.thOJ
GirlsYouth3200m Run 6Maizie Anders12:38.thVEN
GirlsYouth3200m Run 7Fallon Price12:38.thCAM
GirlsYouth3200m Run 8Caitlin Espitia12:42.thVEN
GirlsYouth3200m Run 9Breanna Gomez13:06.thCAM
GirlsYouth3200m Run 10Kaira Samuel00:13:11NP
GirlsYouth3200m Run 11Katie Rose13:11.thCAM
GirlsYouth3200m Run 12Jacqueline Chavez13:43.thHVB
BoysYouth3200m Run 1Mitchell Burr11:00.thVEN
BoysYouth3200m Run 2Charlie Hammel11:03.thVEN
BoysYouth3200m Run 3Ethan Ronk11:04.thVEN
BoysYouth3200m Run 4Mark Pizza11:07.thCAM
BoysYouth3200m Run 5Spencer Gravel11:07.thCAM
BoysYouth3200m Run 6Kyle Grenier11:45.thVEN
BoysYouth3200m Run 7Christian Andrade11:46.thHVB
BoysYouth3200m Run 8Brock Donaldson11:49.thVEN
BoysYouth3200m Run 9Lance Haywood11:55.thVEN
BoysYouth3200m Run 10Christopher Kuchta11:58.thVEN
BoysYouth3200m Run 11Koa Shutt12:14.thCAM
BoysYouth3200m Run 12Brody Lynch12:14.thVEN
Boys Intermediate3200m Run 1Ryan Bova11:39.thVEN
Boys Intermediate3200m Run 2Clayton Brossia11:57.thVEN
Boys Intermediate100m Hurdles 1Winston Short16.33TOF
Boys Intermediate100m Hurdles 2Jesse Kuehn16.41OJ
Boys Intermediate100m Hurdles 3Cruz Conboy17.97VEN
Boys Intermediate100m Hurdles 4Clayton Brossia19.03VEN
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 1Michael Brown14.68TOF
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 2Travis Egerer17.49TOF
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 3Riley Grief17.76NP
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 5Jake Wotawa17.84MP
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 4Tate Downing18.67TOF
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 6Andrew Wang18.8TOF
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 7Anthony Cancino19.03HVB
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 8Mark Ciccone19.75NP
BoysYouth100m Hurdles 9samuel church21.16NP
Girls Intermediate100m Hurdles 1Victoria Coscarelli18.24NP
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 1Kierra Sherrod15.92OX
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 2Kelly Wade16.26MP
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 3Kayli Tibbs16.52CAM
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 4Rebecca Penner16.87MP
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 5Sophia Rodriguez16.92CAM
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 6Caroline DelVecchio18.31OJ
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 7Jada Marshall19.1NP
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 8Sophia Fauver19.14TOF
GirlsYouth100m Hurdles 9Annelise Palazzolo19.46TOF
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 1Malik Sherrod13.7OX
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 2Aaron Fontes13.97OX
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 3Caden Lutz14.44MP
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 4Aidan Amesse14.45CAM
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 5Steffen Botha14.75CAM
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 6Johnny Wotawa14.79MP
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 7Ellis DelVecchio15.81OJ
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 8Joshua Jones15.81VEN
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 9Joshua Morales15.91HVB
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 10Christian Mancuso15.96MP
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 11Shawn Rothermel16.32OJ
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 12Benny Harrold16.39OJ
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 13Jovon Grandison16.5HVB
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 14Dylan Lee16.73VEN
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 15Wesley Wild16.86TOF
BoysMidget80m Hurdles 16Sean Williams16.9CAM
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 1Victoria Plummer14.34MP
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 2Isabella Real14.35MP
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 3Elise Craft15.44TOF
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 4Ashley Hume15.6TOF
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 5Charsi Coy15.72TOF
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 6Jacqueline Pizza15.73CAM
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 7Atefa Hijaz15.86MP
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 8Taylor Preston16.07NP
GirlsMidget80m Hurdles 9Erika Bolt16.27CAM
GirlsGremlin4x100m Relay CAM
GirlsGremlin4x100m Relay HVB
GirlsGremlin4x100m Relay MP
GirlsGremlin4x100m Relay NP
GirlsGremlin4x100m Relay NP
GirlsGremlin4x100m Relay OX
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay CAM
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay HVB
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay HVB
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay MP
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay NP
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay OX
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay OX
BoysGremlin4x100m Relay TOF
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay CAM
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay HVB
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay MP
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay NP
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay OX
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay TOF
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay TOF
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay VEN
GirlsBantam4x100m Relay VEN
BoysBantam4x100m Relay CAM
BoysBantam4x100m Relay CAM
BoysBantam4x100m Relay HVB
BoysBantam4x100m Relay HVB
BoysBantam4x100m Relay OX
BoysBantam4x100m Relay OX
BoysBantam4x100m Relay MP
BoysBantam4x100m Relay NP
BoysBantam4x100m Relay VEN
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay CAM
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay CAM
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay HVB
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay NP
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay NP
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay OX
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay OX
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay TOF
GirlsMidget4x100m Relay VEN
BoysMidget4x100m Relay CAM
BoysMidget4x100m Relay HVB
BoysMidget4x100m Relay MP
BoysMidget4x100m Relay NP
BoysMidget4x100m Relay OJ
BoysMidget4x100m Relay OX
BoysMidget4x100m Relay OX
BoysMidget4x100m Relay TOF
BoysMidget4x100m Relay VEN
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay CAM
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay CAM
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay HVB
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay MP
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay NP
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay OX
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay TOF
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay TOF
GirlsYouth4x100m Relay VEN
BoysYouth4x100m Relay CAM
BoysYouth4x100m Relay HVB
BoysYouth4x100m Relay HVB
BoysYouth4x100m Relay NP
BoysYouth4x100m Relay OX
BoysYouth4x100m Relay TOF
BoysYouth4x100m Relay VEN
BoysYouth4x100m Relay VEN
GirlsIntermediate4x100m Relay 1MP
Boys Intermediate4x100m Relay CAM
Boys Intermediate4x100m Relay MP
Boys Intermediate4x100m Relay NP
Boys Intermediate4x100m Relay OX
Boys Intermediate4x100m Relay TOF
Boys Intermediate4x100m Relay VEN
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 1Niza Laureano06:42.thVEN
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 2Jordyn Holmes06:44.thCAM
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 3Emma Torres06:45.thVEN
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 4Yaraby Herrera06:49.thHVB
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 5Cassidy Rosenthal06:59.thCAM
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 6Juliana Somers06:59.thTOF
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 7Samantha Villavicencio06:59.thCAM
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 8Addison Pereira07:02.thMP
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 9Kristen Gibbel07:15.thMP
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 10Aubrey Hiott07:27.thCAM
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 11Samatha Wilson07:30.thOX
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 12Amia Carson07:36.thOX
GirlsGremlin1600m Run 13Leyna Stephen07:36.thNP
BoysGremlin1600m Run 1Braden Herrera06:13.thVEN
BoysGremlin1600m Run 2Ben Yesionek06:34.thTOF
BoysGremlin1600m Run 3Alex Karsten06:41.thNP
BoysGremlin1600m Run 4Peter Bates06:41.thTOF
BoysGremlin1600m Run 5Kayden Elsokary06:44.thTOF
BoysGremlin1600m Run 6Dev Doshi06:48.thNP
BoysGremlin1600m Run 7Diego Montag07:03.thCAM
BoysGremlin1600m Run 8Carter Wilson07:11.thNP
BoysGremlin1600m Run 9Nomar Diaz07:16.thHVB
GirlsBantam1600m Run 1Chelsea Ochoa05:57.thVEN
GirlsBantam1600m Run 2Andrea Laureano06:06.thHVB
GirlsBantam1600m Run 3Audrey Cunningham06:09.thVEN
GirlsBantam1600m Run 4Kimberly Willard06:34.thCAM
GirlsBantam1600m Run 5Riley Schneider06:34.thOJ
GirlsBantam1600m Run 6Ellie Easley06:38.thMP
GirlsBantam1600m Run 7Kaliz Perez06:43.thHVB
GirlsBantam1600m Run 8Arissa Perez06:51.thHVB
GirlsBantam1600m Run 9Emily Briceno06:53.thHVB
BoysBantam1600m Run 1Camilo Torres05:47.thVEN
BoysBantam1600m Run 2Christopher Egbert05:51.thVEN
BoysBantam1600m Run 3Michael Torres05:55.thVEN
BoysBantam1600m Run 4Lex Young06:01.thCAM
BoysBantam1600m Run 5Zaki Blunt06:06.thNP
BoysBantam1600m Run 6Henry Johnson06:06.thTOF
BoysBantam1600m Run 7Thomas Kephart06:06.thMP
BoysBantam1600m Run 8Pete Gotto06:07.thCAM
BoysBantam1600m Run 9Leo Young06:07.thCAM
BoysBantam1600m Run 10Donovan James06:08.thTOF
BoysBantam1600m Run 11Brian Bates06:14.thTOF
BoysBantam1600m Run 12William Elliott06:18.thTOF
GirlsMidget1600m Run 1Madeleine Locher05:36.thCAM
GirlsMidget1600m Run 2Jordyn Walla05:36.thHVB
GirlsMidget1600m Run 3Zayne Yousef05:45.thMP
GirlsMidget1600m Run 4Kamila Kunes05:45.thVEN
GirlsMidget1600m Run 5Syenna Ponce05:47.thHVB
GirlsMidget1600m Run 6Savannah Bauer06:00.thTOF
GirlsMidget1600m Run 7Kendra Huston06:03.thCAM
GirlsMidget1600m Run 8Jasmine Krostag06:09.thNP
GirlsMidget1600m Run 9Kaela Anderson06:11.thCAM
GirlsMidget1600m Run 10Meriah Torres06:11.thVEN
GirlsMidget1600m Run 11Jenna Krostag06:11.thNP
GirlsMidget1600m Run 12Emmalee Perez06:13.thHVB
BoysMidget1600m Run 1Nico Young05:29.thCAM
BoysMidget1600m Run 2Carlos Laureano05:32.thVEN
BoysMidget1600m Run 3Daniel Appleford05:42.thNP
BoysMidget1600m Run 4Gavin Burns05:44.thVEN
BoysMidget1600m Run 5Colin Sahlman05:45.thCAM
BoysMidget1600m Run 6Michael Cooper05:45.thTOF
BoysMidget1600m Run 7Nicholas Goldstein05:51.thNP
BoysMidget1600m Run 8Matias Cesena05:52.thOJ
BoysMidget1600m Run 9Jacob Mitchell05:55.thOJ
BoysMidget1600m Run 10Wesley Wild06:02.thTOF
BoysMidget1600m Run 11Joshua Jones06:03.thVEN
BoysMidget1600m Run 12Shawn Danebrock06:00.thVEN
GirlsYouth1600m Run 1Nevaeh Walla05:17.thHVB
GirlsYouth1600m Run 2Sofia Ramos05:22.thVEN
GirlsYouth1600m Run 3Peyton Erickson05:27.thVEN
GirlsYouth1600m Run 4Claire Adams05:35.thTOF
GirlsYouth1600m Run 5Caitlin Espitia05:42.thVEN
GirlsYouth1600m Run 6Kaycie-Rae Tackett05:42.thCAM
GirlsYouth1600m Run 7Rilee Szakos05:44.thTOF
GirlsYouth1600m Run 8Maizie Anders05:49.thVEN
GirlsYouth1600m Run 9Kyla Lenehan05:50.thOJ
GirlsYouth1600m Run 10Tess Edwards05:53.thOJ
GirlsYouth1600m Run 11Clio Wagner05:54.thOX
GirlsYouth1600m Run 12Breanna Gomez05:59.thCAM
BoysYouth1600m Run 1Mark Pizza04:58.thCAM
BoysYouth1600m Run 2Ethan Ronk04:58.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 3Derek Eidson05:00.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 4Mitchell Burr05:07.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 5Charlie Hammel05:11.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 6Spencer Gravel05:15.thCAM
BoysYouth1600m Run 7Daniel Aguilar05:19.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 8Kellin Ashley05:27.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 9Christopher Kuchta05:28.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 10Kameron Smith05:29.thCAM
BoysYouth1600m Run 11Kyle Grenier05:30.thVEN
BoysYouth1600m Run 12Christian Andrade05:33.thHVB
Girls Intermediate1600m Run 1Elizabeth Egbert06:23.thVEN
Girls Intermediate1600m Run 1Elizabeth Egbert06:23.thVEN
Boys Intermediate1600m Run 1Brett Beattie04:45.thVEN
Boys Intermediate1600m Run 2Jake Turville05:03.thVEN
Boys Intermediate1600m Run 3Mauricio Flores05:20.thHVB
Boys Intermediate1600m Run 4Ryan Bova05:21.thVEN
Boys Intermediate1600m Run 5Enzo Warren05:29.thVEN
Boys Intermediate1600m Run 6Clayton Brossia05:38.thVEN
Boys Intermediate1600m Run 7Geoffrey McConnell06:33.thNP
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 1Lovi Jones75.34VEN
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 2Danielle Brotcke82.02TOF
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 3Ali Medina85.88OX
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 4Maya Jacobs87.52OJ
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 5Samatha Wilson88.84OX
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 6Jayme Bautista89.61CAM
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 7Aubrey Hiott01:31.thCAM
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 8Alexandra Berger01:32.thMP
GirlsGremlin400m Dash 9Kristen Gibbel01:32.thMP
BoysGremlin400m Dash 1Brent Johnson79.86NP
BoysGremlin400m Dash 2Kevin Parker81.28TOF
BoysGremlin400m Dash 3Rodney Malone82.49OX
BoysGremlin400m Dash 4Drew Rosen83.18TOF
BoysGremlin400m Dash 5Joshua Sloan83.81CAM
BoysGremlin400m Dash 6Trevor Stimpson84.23CAM
BoysGremlin400m Dash 7Angel Gonzalez84.96HVB
BoysGremlin400m Dash 8Rory Mills85.97VEN
BoysGremlin400m Dash 9Taylor Brenning86.09CAM
GirlsBantam400m Dash 1Sophie Beck69.64TOF
GirlsBantam400m Dash 2Lily Rose Korzelius71.84CAM
GirlsBantam400m Dash 3Tiernan Phillips73.47VEN
GirlsBantam400m Dash 4Taylor Sommars73.89VEN
GirlsBantam400m Dash 5Emily Briceno74.68HVB
GirlsBantam400m Dash 6Myla Scott75.59OX
GirlsBantam400m Dash 7Elle Rauschenberger76.01MP
GirlsBantam400m Dash 8Lily Shadden76.39VEN
GirlsBantam400m Dash 9Chelsea Ochoa77.01VEN
BoysBantam400m Dash 1Adam Olson68.86CAM
BoysBantam400m Dash 2Christopher Sottile69.76MP
BoysBantam400m Dash 3Isaiah Green71.24OX
BoysBantam400m Dash 4Jacob Jeffris71.24VEN
BoysBantam400m Dash 5Hunter Amesse71.92CAM
BoysBantam400m Dash 6Isaac Gonzalez72HVB
BoysBantam400m Dash 7Bradley Hiete72.27NP
BoysBantam400m Dash 8Mason Blair72.85OX
BoysBantam400m Dash 9Davian Gonzalez72.99HVB
GirlsMidget400m Dash 1Isabella Rodriguez64.81CAM
GirlsMidget400m Dash 2Ginger Fontenot65.46CAM
GirlsMidget400m Dash 3Julianna Garcia66.39VEN
GirlsMidget400m Dash 4Shaelyn Rashoff66.72NP
GirlsMidget400m Dash 5Victoria Plummer67.46MP
GirlsMidget400m Dash 6Macy Holmes67.47OX
GirlsMidget400m Dash 7Skylar Dillon67.55OX
GirlsMidget400m Dash 8Emily Jorgensen67.93NP
GirlsMidget400m Dash 9Dyamon Alston68.21OX
BoysMidget400m Dash 1Ethan Feciuch64.45OX
BoysMidget400m Dash 2Kyrie Wilson64.46OX
BoysMidget400m Dash 3Fletcher Gravel64.98CAM
BoysMidget400m Dash 4Joshua Jackson65.56NP
BoysMidget400m Dash 5Julien Stokes65.7NP
BoysMidget400m Dash 6Noah Castro66.34OX
BoysMidget400m Dash 7Christian Middleton66.61OX
BoysMidget400m Dash 8Colby Button66.65VEN
BoysMidget400m Dash 9Donavin Abair68.14OX
GirlsYouth400m Dash 1Cailey Remington60.3NP
GirlsYouth400m Dash 2Alyssa Moore61.7VEN
GirlsYouth400m Dash 3Kathryn Givvin61.79TOF
GirlsYouth400m Dash 4Kayla Klusman63.02TOF
GirlsYouth400m Dash 5Ariana Vera63.82OX
GirlsYouth400m Dash 6Denaya Wickett64.18CAM
GirlsYouth400m Dash 7Sydney Ramey64.99OX
GirlsYouth400m Dash 8Maya Chari65.21NP
GirlsYouth400m Dash 9Veronica Nava65.8CAM
BoysYouth400m Dash 1Kai Bixler54.15MP
BoysYouth400m Dash 2Cory Whitcomb55.01VEN
BoysYouth400m Dash 3Connor Stevenson55.21VEN
BoysYouth400m Dash 4Luke VanKeersbilck55.54CAM
BoysYouth400m Dash 5Gavin Blanks56.11VEN
BoysYouth400m Dash 6Terrell Vaughn56.48VEN
BoysYouth400m Dash 7Jake Wotawa56.73MP
BoysYouth400m Dash 8Fernando Gonzalez58.15HVB
BoysYouth400m Dash 9Alejandro Ortiz58.35OX
Girls Intermediate400m Dash 1Isabelle Egbert75.63VEN
Girls Intermediate400m Dash 2Virginia Rodriguez76.76HVB
Girls Intermediate400m Dash 3Natalie Hishmeh81.37VEN
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 1Ky'jeric Nicholson54.08OX
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 2Tyree Brunson54.83OX
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 3Jalen Stokes56.93NP
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 4Winston Short57.36TOF
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 5Kekoa Akuna57.45VEN
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 6Louis Garza57.99VEN
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 7Jesse Kuehn58.95OJ
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 8Saxon Robbins59.03TOF
Boys Intermediate400m Dash 9Cruz Conboy61.35VEN
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 1Lovi Jones15.61VEN
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 2Sienna Harris16.87CAM
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 3Madison Finnerty17.21MP
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 4Clara Caulfield17.26NP
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 5Ali Medina17.34OX
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 6Lina Saley17.37NP
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 7Madelyn Johnson17.58MP
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 8Summer Hayes17.66NP
GirlsGremlin100m Dash 9Juliana Somers17.73TOF
BoysGremlin100m Dash 1Camren Harris15.73OX
BoysGremlin100m Dash 2Rodney Malone16.04OX
BoysGremlin100m Dash 3Carter Wilson16.49NP
BoysGremlin100m Dash 4Drew Rosen16.56TOF
BoysGremlin100m Dash 5Stas' McClone16.61CAM
BoysGremlin100m Dash 6Brent Johnson16.73NP
BoysGremlin100m Dash 7Taylor Brenning16.84CAM
BoysGremlin100m Dash 8Timmy Johns17.01OX
BoysGremlin100m Dash 9Devin Olmande17.1OX
GirlsBantam100m Dash 1Brooklyn Kennedy13.94CAM
GirlsBantam100m Dash 2Karinn Washington14.4VEN
GirlsBantam100m Dash 3Addis Coons14.78CAM
GirlsBantam100m Dash 4Emily Briceno14.8HVB
GirlsBantam100m Dash 5Lily Rose Korzelius14.86CAM
GirlsBantam100m Dash 6Kayla Washington14.9VEN
GirlsBantam100m Dash 7Taleena Thompson15VEN
GirlsBantam100m Dash 8Abigail Wood15VEN
GirlsBantam100m Dash 9Sophie Beck15TOF
BoysBantam100m Dash 1Evyn Andrade14.7HVB
BoysBantam100m Dash 2Delon Thompson14.73NP
BoysBantam100m Dash 3Stevan Martinez14.8HVB
BoysBantam100m Dash 4Khalil Peart14.87OX
BoysBantam100m Dash 5Isaiah Green14.88OX
BoysBantam100m Dash 6Grady Sterling15.02TOF
BoysBantam100m Dash 7Brandon Santana-Romero15.04OX
BoysBantam100m Dash 8Luke Carfaro15.08CAM
BoysBantam100m Dash 9Jacob Marcus15.2VEN
GirlsMidget100m Dash 1Taliyah Perkins13.47OX
GirlsMidget100m Dash 2Courtney Atwater13.52CAM
GirlsMidget100m Dash 3Maleah Holland13.66OX
GirlsMidget100m Dash 4Jaydah Simmons13.68OX
GirlsMidget100m Dash 5Paris Timan13.93TOF
GirlsMidget100m Dash 6Courteney Richmond13.95TOF
GirlsMidget100m Dash 7Ginger Fontenot14.02CAM
GirlsMidget100m Dash 8Gabrielle Sheldon14.13OJ
GirlsMidget100m Dash 9Toni Thompson14.13NP
BoysMidget100m Dash 1Malik Sherrod13.19OX
BoysMidget100m Dash 2Kyrie Wilson13.35OX
BoysMidget100m Dash 3Ellis DelVecchio13.62OJ
BoysMidget100m Dash 4Julien Stokes13.63NP
BoysMidget100m Dash 5Ryeon Morales13.64CAM
BoysMidget100m Dash 6Ethan Feciuch13.64OX
BoysMidget100m Dash 7Tyler Rust13.77CAM
BoysMidget100m Dash 8Caden Lutz13.8MP
BoysMidget100m Dash 9Xavier Harris13.92OX
GirlsYouth100m Dash 1Cailey Remington12.99NP
GirlsYouth100m Dash 2Kierra Sherrod13.06OX
GirlsYouth100m Dash 3Emma Jansen13.36CAM
GirlsYouth100m Dash 4Dajshai Bennett13.43OX
GirlsYouth100m Dash 5Kelly Wade13.47MP
GirlsYouth100m Dash 6Layne Consales13.53TOF
GirlsYouth100m Dash 7Kimmy Bolt13.64CAM
GirlsYouth100m Dash 8Veronica Nava13.66CAM
GirlsYouth100m Dash 9Tobi Erinle13.67NP
BoysYouth100m Dash 1Kai Bixler11.75MP
BoysYouth100m Dash 2Michael Brown12.03TOF
BoysYouth100m Dash 3Chase Wells12.14OX
BoysYouth100m Dash 4Cory Whitcomb12.17VEN
BoysYouth100m Dash 5Tim Luna12.42HVB
BoysYouth100m Dash 6Luis Davila12.43TOF
BoysYouth100m Dash 7Moses Marsico12.59OX
BoysYouth100m Dash 8Ja'Ron Waters12.69OX
BoysYouth100m Dash 9Alejandro Ortiz12.7OX
Girls Intermediate100m Dash 1Isabella Mancuso14.53MP
Girls Intermediate100m Dash 2Miranda Guy14.76MP
Girls Intermediate100m Dash 3Victoria Coscarelli14.83NP
Girls Intermediate100m Dash 4Alexandra Gabriel14.84MP
Girls Intermediate100m Dash 5Virginia Rodriguez15.6HVB
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 1Ky'jeric Nicholson11.74OX
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 2Marquis Allen11.89OX
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 3Jalen Stokes12.07NP
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 4Jonathan Crocker12.24NP
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 5Nathan Brooks12.42TOF
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 6Winston Short12.48TOF
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 7DeShaun Staples12.52OX
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 8Miles Zoltak12.54CAM
Boys Intermediate100m Dash 9Tyree Brunson12.7OX
GirlsGremlin800m Run 1Jordyn Holmes03:00.thCAM
GirlsGremlin800m Run 2Danielle Brotcke03:10.thTOF
GirlsGremlin800m Run 3Yaraby Herrera03:15.thHVB
GirlsGremlin800m Run 4Niza Laureano03:15.thVEN
GirlsGremlin800m Run 5Emma Torres03:17.thVEN
GirlsGremlin800m Run 6Cassidy Rosenthal03:18.thCAM
GirlsGremlin800m Run 7Kristen Gibbel03:18.thMP
GirlsGremlin800m Run 8Maya Jacobs03:19.thOJ
GirlsGremlin800m Run 9Samantha Villavicencio03:20.thCAM
GirlsGremlin800m Run 10Aubrey Hiott03:27.thCAM
GirlsGremlin800m Run 11Addison Pereira03:30.thMP
GirlsGremlin800m Run 12Quinn Henderson03:32.thNP
BoysGremlin800m Run 1Braden Herrera03:04.thVEN
BoysGremlin800m Run 2Ben Yesionek03:05.thTOF
BoysGremlin800m Run 3Joshua Sloan03:05.thCAM
BoysGremlin800m Run 4Alex Karsten03:05.thNP
BoysGremlin800m Run 5Peter Bates03:13.thTOF
BoysGremlin800m Run 6Kayden Elsokary03:14.thTOF
BoysGremlin800m Run 7Eshaan Hussain03:16.thNP
BoysGremlin800m Run 8Mateo Gutierrez03:17.thTOF
BoysGremlin800m Run 9Dev Doshi03:17.thNP
BoysGremlin800m Run 10Diego Montag03:20.thCAM
BoysGremlin800m Run 11Mateo Romeromm:ss.0NP
BoysGremlin800m Run 12Elliot Jonesmm:ss.0NP
GirlsBantam800m Run 1Ailish Hawkins02:49.thNP
GirlsBantam800m Run 2Chelsea Ochoa02:50.thVEN
GirlsBantam800m Run 3Andrea Laureano02:54.thHVB
GirlsBantam800m Run 4Braelon Holmes02:56.thCAM
GirlsBantam800m Run 5Rebecca Locher02:57.thCAM
GirlsBantam800m Run 6Elle Rauschenberger02:59.thMP
GirlsBantam800m Run 7Tatiana Meza03:04.thMP
GirlsBantam800m Run 8Riley Schneider03:08.thOJ
GirlsBantam800m Run 9Brittany Widerburg03:13.thCAM
GirlsBantam800m Run 10Kaliz Perez03:15.thHVB
GirlsBantam800m Run 11Emily Briceno03:15.thHVB
GirlsBantam800m Run 12Gabrielle Vincze03:16.thNP
BoysBantam800m Run 1Adam Olson02:39.thCAM
BoysBantam800m Run 2Christopher Sottile02:42.thMP
BoysBantam800m Run 3Camilo Torres02:46.thVEN
BoysBantam800m Run 4Christopher Egbert02:47.thVEN
BoysBantam800m Run 5Michael Torres02:48.thVEN
BoysBantam800m Run 6Lex Young02:50.thCAM
BoysBantam800m Run 7Thomas Kephart02:50.thMP
BoysBantam800m Run 8Grant Baysinger02:50.thVEN
BoysBantam800m Run 9Hunter Amesse02:52.thCAM
BoysBantam800m Run 10Ryan Morreale02:52.thCAM
BoysBantam800m Run 11Brian Bates02:54.thTOF
BoysBantam800m Run 12Donovan James02:55.thTOF
GirlsMidget800m Run 1Madeleine Locher02:31.thCAM
GirlsMidget800m Run 2Shaelyn Rashoff02:38.thNP
GirlsMidget800m Run 3Jordyn Walla02:39.thHVB
GirlsMidget800m Run 4Syenna Ponce02:39.thHVB
GirlsMidget800m Run 5Kamila Kunes02:40.thVEN
GirlsMidget800m Run 6Fiona Hawkins02:41.thNP
GirlsMidget800m Run 7Savannah Bauer02:44.thTOF
GirlsMidget800m Run 8Kaela Anderson02:46.thCAM
GirlsMidget800m Run 9Jenna Krostag02:47.thNP
GirlsMidget800m Run 10Bella Beltran02:47.thOX
GirlsMidget800m Run 11Mia Aguilar02:49.thMP
GirlsMidget800m Run 12Meriah Torres02:51.thVEN
BoysMidget800m Run 1Fletcher Gravel02:31.thCAM
BoysMidget800m Run 2Carlos Laureano02:32.thVEN
BoysMidget800m Run 3Nico Young02:35.thCAM
BoysMidget800m Run 4Noah Castro02:37.thOX
BoysMidget800m Run 5Michael Cooper02:37.thTOF
BoysMidget800m Run 6Kaleb Jordon02:38.thVEN
BoysMidget800m Run 7Alex Renken02:40.thCAM
BoysMidget800m Run 8Corey Lambert02:41.thCAM
BoysMidget800m Run 9Matias Cesena02:41.thOJ
BoysMidget800m Run 10daniel Alameda02:44.thCAM
BoysMidget800m Run 11Shawn Rothermel02:44.thOJ
BoysMidget800m Run 12Colin Sahlman02:44.thCAM
GirlsYouth800m Run 1Lauren Kearney02:26.thVEN
GirlsYouth800m Run 2Sofia Ramos02:27.thVEN
GirlsYouth800m Run 3Abigail Hume02:29.thTOF
GirlsYouth800m Run 4Claire Adams02:31.thTOF
GirlsYouth800m Run 5Nevaeh Walla02:32.thHVB
GirlsYouth800m Run 6Sydney Ramey02:34.thOX
GirlsYouth800m Run 7Peyton Erickson02:35.thVEN
GirlsYouth800m Run 8Maizie Anders02:36.thVEN
GirlsYouth800m Run 9Kaycie-Rae Tackett02:37.thCAM
GirlsYouth800m Run 10Alexa Bolanos02:39.thNP
GirlsYouth800m Run 11Olivia Morales02:42.thVEN
GirlsYouth800m Run 12Kyla Lenehan02:44.thOJ
BoysYouth800m Run 1Patrick Daniels02:09.thMP
BoysYouth800m Run 2Ethan Ronk02:16.thVEN
BoysYouth800m Run 3Mason Brown02:16.thCAM
BoysYouth800m Run 4Fernando Gonzalez02:16.thHVB
BoysYouth800m Run 5Derek Eidson02:17.thVEN
BoysYouth800m Run 6Luke VanKeersbilck02:19.thCAM
BoysYouth800m Run 7Mitchell Burr02:24.thVEN
BoysYouth800m Run 8Aleksander Borzone02:24.thMP
BoysYouth800m Run 9Mark Pizza02:26.thCAM
BoysYouth800m Run 10Kyle Grenier02:27.thVEN
BoysYouth800m Run 11Daniel Aguilar02:28.thVEN
BoysYouth800m Run 12Kellin Ashley02:28.thVEN
Girls Intermediate800m Run 1Nicole Hishmeh02:51.thVEN
Girls Intermediate800m Run 2Natalie Hishmeh02:55.thVEN
Girls Intermediate800m Run 3Isabelle Egbert02:57.thVEN
Girls Intermediate800m Run 4Elizabeth Egbert03:03.thVEN
Boys Intermediate800m Run 1Brett Beattie02:11.thVEN
Boys Intermediate800m Run 2Mauricio Flores02:20.thHVB
Boys Intermediate800m Run 3Jake Turville02:21.thVEN
Boys Intermediate800m Run 4Saxon Robbins02:21.thTOF
Boys Intermediate800m Run 5Alec Llamas02:23.thVEN
Boys Intermediate800m Run 6Enzo Warren02:30.thVEN
Boys Intermediate800m Run 7Hudson Packman02:39.thNP
Boys Intermediate800m Run 8Clayton Brossia02:42.thVEN
Boys Intermediate800m Run 9Geoffrey McConnell02:49.thNP
Boys Intermediate800m Run 10Nick Sap02:54.thVEN
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 1Lovi Jones33.48VEN
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 2Jordyn Holmes35.69CAM
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 3Sienna Harris36.3CAM
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 4Ali Medina36.67OX
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 5Lina Saley37.23NP
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 6Clara Caulfield37.26NP
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 7Danielle Brotcke37.5TOF
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 8Madison Finnerty37.68MP
GirlsGremlin200m Dash 9Maya Jacobs37.77OJ
BoysGremlin200m Dash 1Rodney Malone33.72OX
BoysGremlin200m Dash 2Camron Harris34.63OX
BoysGremlin200m Dash 3Kevin Parker34.68TOF
BoysGremlin200m Dash 4Jeremiah Penny35.45OX
BoysGremlin200m Dash 5Carter Wilson35.52NP
BoysGremlin200m Dash 6Stas' McClone35.79CAM
BoysGremlin200m Dash 7Taylor Brenning35.85CAM
BoysGremlin200m Dash 8Benjamin Marcus36VEN
BoysGremlin200m Dash 9Timmy Johns36.43OX
GirlsBantam200m Dash 1Brooklyn Kennedy29.29CAM
GirlsBantam200m Dash 2Sophie Beck30.75TOF
GirlsBantam200m Dash 3Milan Timan31.33TOF
GirlsBantam200m Dash 4Lily Rose Korzelius31.78CAM
GirlsBantam200m Dash 5Kianna Porter31.85TOF
GirlsBantam200m Dash 6Karinn Washington32.12VEN
GirlsBantam200m Dash 7Kayla Washington32.12VEN
GirlsBantam200m Dash 8Aiah Smith32.26MP
GirlsBantam200m Dash 9Addis Coons32.41CAM
BoysBantam200m Dash 1Khalil Peart30.25OX
BoysBantam200m Dash 2Jacob Jeffris30.5VEN
BoysBantam200m Dash 3Adam Olson30.67CAM
BoysBantam200m Dash 4Christopher Sottile30.82MP
BoysBantam200m Dash 5Isaiah Green30.88OX
BoysBantam200m Dash 6Bradley Hiete31.37NP
BoysBantam200m Dash 7Brandon Santana-Romero31.42OX
BoysBantam200m Dash 8Grady Sterling31.45TOF
BoysBantam200m Dash 9Luke Carfaro31.58CAM
GirlsMidget200m Dash 1Jaydah Simmons28.42OX
GirlsMidget200m Dash 2Courtney Atwater28.55CAM
GirlsMidget200m Dash 3Paris Timan28.59TOF
GirlsMidget200m Dash 4Courteney Richmond29.04TOF
GirlsMidget200m Dash 5Aaliyah Porter29.1TOF
GirlsMidget200m Dash 6Taliyah Perkins29.1OX
GirlsMidget200m Dash 7Julianna Garcia29.1VEN
GirlsMidget200m Dash 8Maleah Holland29.15OX
GirlsMidget200m Dash 9Shaelyn Rashoff29.78NP
BoysMidget200m Dash 1Kyrie Wilson26.86OX
BoysMidget200m Dash 2Malik Sherrod27.54OX
BoysMidget200m Dash 3Julien Stokes28.32NP
BoysMidget200m Dash 4Tolu Erinle28.52NP
BoysMidget200m Dash 5Ellis DelVecchio28.64OJ
BoysMidget200m Dash 6Ethan Feciuch28.66OX
BoysMidget200m Dash 7Joshua Jackson28.85NP
BoysMidget200m Dash 8Xavier Harris28.9OX
BoysMidget200m Dash 9Jack Henderson29.44NP
GirlsYouth200m Dash 1Cailey Remington26.28NP
GirlsYouth200m Dash 2Kierra Sherrod27.4OX
GirlsYouth200m Dash 3Layne Consales27.47TOF
GirlsYouth200m Dash 4Kathryn Givvin27.5TOF
GirlsYouth200m Dash 5Emma Jansen27.62CAM
GirlsYouth200m Dash 6Alyssa Moore27.91VEN
GirlsYouth200m Dash 7Kayla Klusman27.94TOF
GirlsYouth200m Dash 8Abigail Hume28.1TOF
GirlsYouth200m Dash 9Dajshai Bennett28.2OX
BoysYouth200m Dash 1Kai Bixler24.4MP
BoysYouth200m Dash 2Chase Wells25.02OX
BoysYouth200m Dash 3Gavin Blanks25.04VEN
BoysYouth200m Dash 4Tim Luna25.51HVB
BoysYouth200m Dash 5Alejandro Ortiz25.7OX
BoysYouth200m Dash 6Connor Stevenson25.8VEN
BoysYouth200m Dash 7Luis Davila25.86TOF
BoysYouth200m Dash 8Fernando Gonzalez26.13HVB
BoysYouth200m Dash 9Jake Wotawa26.19MP
Girls Intermediate200m Dash 1Alexandra Gabriel31.28MP
Girls Intermediate200m Dash 2Virginia Rodriguez32.62HVB
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 1Ky'jeric Nicholson24.15OX
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 2Jalen Stokes24.5NP
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 3Marquis Allen24.7OX
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 4Tyree Brunson24.99OX
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 5DeShaun Staples25.24OX
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 6Jonathan Crocker25.36NP
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 7Kekoa Akuna25.4VEN
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 8Jesse Kuehn25.99OJ
Boys Intermediate200m Dash 9Louis Garza26.32VEN
GirlsBantam4x400m Relay VEN
GirlsBantam4x400m Relay VEN
GirlsBantam4x400m Relay NP
GirlsBantam4x400m Relay TOF
GirlsBantam4x400m Relay CAM
GirlsBantam4x400m Relay MP
BoysBantam4x400m Relay CAM
BoysBantam4x400m Relay HVB
BoysBantam4x400m Relay MP
BoysBantam4x400m Relay NP
BoysBantam4x400m Relay OX
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay CAM
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay CAM
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay HVB
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay MP
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay NP
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay OX
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay TOF
GirlsMidget4x400m Relay VEN
BoysMidget4x400m Relay CAM
BoysMidget4x400m Relay CAM
BoysMidget4x400m Relay HVB
BoysMidget4x400m Relay MP
BoysMidget4x400m Relay NP
BoysMidget4x400m Relay OJ
BoysMidget4x400m Relay OX
BoysMidget4x400m Relay TOF
BoysMidget4x400m Relay VEN
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay CAM
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay HVB
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay NP
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay OX
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay OX
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay TOF
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay VEN
GirlsYouth4x400m Relay VEN
BoysYouth4x400m Relay CAM
BoysYouth4x400m Relay HVB
BoysYouth4x400m Relay MP
BoysYouth4x400m Relay OX
BoysYouth4x400m Relay TOF
BoysYouth4x400m Relay VEN
BoysYouth4x400m Relay VEN
Boys Intermediate4x400m Relay CAM
Boys Intermediate4x400m Relay HVB
Boys Intermediate4x400m Relay OX
Boys Intermediate4x400m Relay TOF
Boys Intermediate4x400m Relay VEN
Boys Intermediate4x400m Relay VEN
GirlsBantam High Jump 1Kayla Horton3' 11.00CAM
GirlsBantam High Jump 2Abigail Wood3' 9.00VEN
GirlsBantam High Jump 3Lily Shadden3' 8.00VEN
GirlsBantam High Jump 4Miriam McGregor3' 8.00MP
GirlsBantam High Jump 5Ella Hunter3' 8.00MP
GirlsBantam High Jump 6Layla Coyne3' 7.00OJ
GirlsBantam High Jump 7Sophia Fitch3' 7.00OJ
GirlsBantam High Jump 8Sophie Wright3' 6.00NP
GirlsBantam High Jump 9Taylor Sommars3' 6.00VEN
BoysBantam High Jump 1Khalil Peart4' 1.00OX
BoysBantam High Jump 2Luke Higgins4' 1.00CAM
BoysBantam High Jump 3Jarmari Huddleston3' 11.00OX
BoysBantam High Jump 4Ethan Gonzalez3' 11.00MP
BoysBantam High Jump 5Ryan Morreale3' 10.00CAM
BoysBantam High Jump 6Delon Thompson3' 10.00NP
BoysBantam High Jump 7Zaki Blunt3' 9.00NP
BoysBantam High Jump 8Azad Khan3' 9.00NP
BoysBantam High Jump 9Ethan Wing3' 9.00NP
BoysBantam High Jump 10Hunter Amesse3' 9.00CAM
BoysBantam High Jump 11Cole Everett3' 9.00OJ
BoysBantam High Jump 12Jacob Jeffris3' 9.00VEN
BoysBantam High Jump 13Forrest Morse3' 9.00VEN
BoysBantam High Jump 14Andrew Caswell3' 9.00NP
GirlsMidget High Jump 1Victoria Plummer5' 2.00MP
GirlsMidget High Jump 2Mia Aguilar4' 6.00MP
GirlsMidget High Jump 3Ashley Kytlica4' 6.00CAM
GirlsMidget High Jump 4Ella Busch4' 6.00TOF
GirlsMidget High Jump 5Emma Grayson4' 6.00TOF
GirlsMidget High Jump 6Emma Ley4' 3.00MP
GirlsMidget High Jump 7Annika St George4' 3.00OJ
GirlsMidget High Jump 8Elise Craft4' 1.00TOF
GirlsMidget High Jump 9Bria Laws4' 1.00VEN
BoysMidget High Jump 1Ryeon Morales4' 8.00CAM
BoysMidget High Jump 2Steffen Botha4' 8.00CAM
BoysMidget High Jump 3Johnny Wotawa4' 7.00MP
BoysMidget High Jump 4Dane Germann4' 4.00CAM
BoysMidget High Jump 5Aidan Amesse4' 4.00CAM
BoysMidget High Jump 6Joshua Jones4' 4.00VEN
BoysMidget High Jump 7Brendan Teehan4' 3.00NP
BoysMidget High Jump 8John Henry Daley4' 3.00MP
GirlsYouth High Jump 1Rebecca Penner5' 0.00MP
GirlsYouth High Jump 2Abigail Hume4' 11.00TOF
GirlsYouth High Jump 3Denaya Wickett4' 9.00CAM
GirlsYouth High Jump 4Alexa Bolanos4' 8.00NP
GirlsYouth High Jump 5Brooke Merrill4' 7.00NP
GirlsYouth High Jump 6Valerie Hobbs4' 7.00NP
GirlsYouth High Jump 7Kelby Lewis4' 6.00TOF
GirlsYouth High Jump 8Caroline DelVecchio4' 6.00OJ
GirlsYouth High Jump 9Kyla Lenehan4' 5.00OJ
BoysYouth High Jump 1Christopher Thompson5' 5.00CAM
BoysYouth High Jump 2Freddie Ricketts5' 4.00TOF
BoysYouth High Jump 3Derek Pekar5' 2.00VEN
BoysYouth High Jump 4Charlie Hammel5' 1.00VEN
BoysYouth High Jump 5Jake Wotawa5' 1.00MP
BoysYouth High Jump 6Brennan Rodrick4' 11.00CAM
BoysYouth High Jump 7Ja'Ron Waters4' 11.00OX
BoysYouth High Jump 8Miles Burleigh4' 9.00VEN
BoysYouth High Jump 9Mitchell Burr4' 8.00VEN
Girls Intermediate High Jump 1Miranda Guy3' 8.00MP
Girls Intermediate High Jump 1Cruz Conboy5' 5.00VEN
Girls Intermediate High Jump 2Nathan Brooks5' 3.00TOF
Girls Intermediate High Jump 3Saxon Robbins5' 2.00TOF
Girls Intermediate High Jump 4Jake Turville5' 2.00VEN
Girls Intermediate High Jump 5Miles Zoltak5' 2.00CAM
Girls Intermediate High Jump 6Ryan Bova5' 0.00VEN
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 1Lovi Jones10' 2.00VEN
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 2Sienna Harris9' 11.00CAM
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 3Clara Caulfield9' 3.50NP
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 4Breanna Lopez9' 1.50NP
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 5Lilly Pizza8' 10.00CAM
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 6Danielle Brotcke8' 10.00TOF
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 7Baylie Sparks8' 10.00NP
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 8Lina Saley8' 9.00NP
GirlsGremlin Long Jump 9Summer Hayes8' 5.00NP
BoysGremlin Long Jump 1Rodney Malone11' 2.00OX
BoysGremlin Long Jump 2Ben Yesionek10' 6.50TOF
BoysGremlin Long Jump 3Brent Johnson10' 6.50NP
BoysGremlin Long Jump 4Carter Wilson10' 4.00NP
BoysGremlin Long Jump 5Stas' McClone10' 0.75CAM
BoysGremlin Long Jump 6Camren Harris10' 0.00OX
BoysGremlin Long Jump 7Devin Reyes9' 11.00OX
BoysGremlin Long Jump 8Ahad Khan9' 8.50NP
BoysGremlin Long Jump 9Benjamin Marcus9' 5.00VEN
GirlsBantam Long Jump 1Kianna Porter12' 9.00TOF
GirlsBantam Long Jump 2Karinn Washington12' 4.00VEN
GirlsBantam Long Jump 3Brooklyn Kennedy11' 9.25CAM
GirlsBantam Long Jump 4Myla Scott11' 4.50OX
GirlsBantam Long Jump 5Tiernan Phillips11' 4.25VEN
GirlsBantam Long Jump 6Addis Coons11' 3.25CAM
GirlsBantam Long Jump 7Braelon Holmes11' 2.50CAM
GirlsBantam Long Jump 8Kayla Washington11' 1.25VEN
GirlsBantam Long Jump 9Anja Slattum11' 0.50NP
BoysBantam Long Jump 1Gannon Valenzuela12' 3.50OX
BoysBantam Long Jump 2Bradley Hiete12' 2.50NP
BoysBantam Long Jump 3Kaiden Chapman11' 11.50CAM
BoysBantam Long Jump 4Joey Dovidio11' 9.50MP
BoysBantam Long Jump 5Christopher Egbert11' 8.75VEN
BoysBantam Long Jump 6Adam Olson11' 6.75CAM
BoysBantam Long Jump 7Isaiah Mercado11' 6.50OX
BoysBantam Long Jump 8Ethan Gonzalez11' 6.25MP
BoysBantam Long Jump 9Cameron Totino11' 5.00TOF
GirlsMidget Long Jump 1Bella Beltran14' 8.50OX
GirlsMidget Long Jump 2Victoria Plummer14' 6.25MP
GirlsMidget Long Jump 3Courtney Atwater14' 0.50CAM
GirlsMidget Long Jump 4Caroline Smith13' 10.50TOF
GirlsMidget Long Jump 5Grace Chen13' 7.25TOF
GirlsMidget Long Jump 6Aaliyah Porter13' 6.25TOF
GirlsMidget Long Jump 7Maleah Holland13' 6.00OX
GirlsMidget Long Jump 8Atefa Hijaz13' 5.50MP
GirlsMidget Long Jump 9Toni Thompson13' 3.50NP
BoysMidget Long Jump 1Caden Lutz15' 6.50MP
BoysMidget Long Jump 2Kyrie Wilson14' 6.00OX
BoysMidget Long Jump 3Xavier Harris14' 5.50OX
BoysMidget Long Jump 4Joshua Morales14' 3.00HVB
BoysMidget Long Jump 5Steffen Botha14' 0.50CAM
BoysMidget Long Jump 6Aidan Amesse13' 11.75CAM
BoysMidget Long Jump 7Ryeon Morales13' 9.00CAM
BoysMidget Long Jump 8Carson Hunter13' 9.00MP
BoysMidget Long Jump 9Tristan Guy13' 8.00MP
GirlsYouth Long Jump 1Bella Pantoja16' 1.00CAM
GirlsYouth Long Jump 2Catalina Escobal15' 9.25OX
GirlsYouth Long Jump 3Kelly Wade15' 2.50MP
GirlsYouth Long Jump 4Sophia Rodriguez15' 2.00CAM
GirlsYouth Long Jump 5Kimmy Bolt15' 0.50CAM
GirlsYouth Long Jump 6Elise Mills15' 0.25CAM
GirlsYouth Long Jump 7Tobi Erinle14' 11.00NP
GirlsYouth Long Jump 8Layne Consales14' 8.50TOF
GirlsYouth Long Jump 9Maya Chari14' 4.75NP
BoysYouth Long Jump 1David Alameda17' 2.50CAM
BoysYouth Long Jump 2Jake Wotawa16' 7.00MP
BoysYouth Long Jump 3Elijah Holmes16' 4.50OX
BoysYouth Long Jump 4Tien Tang15' 10.00TOF
BoysYouth Long Jump 5Hayden Thai15' 8.00TOF
BoysYouth Long Jump 6Cole Stender15' 6.00VEN
BoysYouth Long Jump 7Derek Pekar15' 6.00VEN
BoysYouth Long Jump 8Riley Aucutt15' 5.50OX
BoysYouth Long Jump9Ethan Olson15' 3.75CAM
Girls Intermediate Long Jump 1Victoria Coscarelli12' 1.50NP
Girls Intermediate Long Jump 2Virginia Rodriguez11' 1.00HVB
Girls Intermediate Long Jump 3Elizabeth Egbert9' 2.75VEN
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 1DeShaun Staples18' 6.00OX
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 2Louis Garza18' 1.50VEN
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 3William Mussman17' 5.50OJ
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 4Nathan Brooks17' 3.00TOF
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 5Miles Zoltak16' 11.00CAM
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 6Carroll Piper16' 10.25TOF
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 7Jesse Kuehn16' 9.25OJ
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 8Jake Turville16' 6.50VEN
Boys Intermediate Long Jump 9Marquis Allen16' 3.25OX
GirlsBantam Shot Put 1Mya Robinson21' 2.75OX
GirlsBantam Shot Put 2Sara Penner19' 3.00MP
GirlsBantam Shot Put 3Erin McCowan18' 5.50OX
GirlsBantam Shot Put 4Baylee Fogelmanis16' 11.00CAM
GirlsBantam Shot Put 5Sadie Moody16' 6.00CAM
GirlsBantam Shot Put 6Sarah Loweree16' 0.00TOF
GirlsBantam Shot Put 7Kimberly Barragan15' 11.25VEN
GirlsBantam Shot Put 8Katarina Pratt15' 0.00MP
GirlsBantam Shot Put 9Alexa Hume14' 8.25TOF
BoysBantam Shot Put 1Noah Campbell24' 5.75HVB
BoysBantam Shot Put 2Enrique Mora23' 7.00HVB
BoysBantam Shot Put 3Renee Soriano23' 4.00OJ
BoysBantam Shot Put 4Jacob Marcus21' 7.25VEN
BoysBantam Shot Put 5Adam Laycock21' 4.00TOF
BoysBantam Shot Put 6Santino Aina20' 10.50OX
BoysBantam Shot Put 7Jacob Richey19' 6.50NP
BoysBantam Shot Put 8Nicholas Andrade18' 9.50HVB
BoysBantam Shot Put 9Isaiah Mercado18' 1.50OX
GirlsMidget Shot Put 1Atefa Hijaz30' 4.00MP
GirlsMidget Shot Put 2Julia Richey27' 6.00NP
GirlsMidget Shot Put 3Toni Thompson26' 10.50NP
GirlsMidget Shot Put 4Charsi Coy24' 10.00TOF
GirlsMidget Shot Put 5Sebastiana Kenefick24' 0.50CAM
GirlsMidget Shot Put 6Molly Harrold23' 9.00OJ
GirlsMidget Shot Put 7Cordelia Wild23' 0.00TOF
GirlsMidget Shot Put 8Ashley Hume22' 11.50TOF
GirlsMidget Shot Put 9Amanda Johnson22' 2.50TOF
BoysMidget Shot Put 1Matthew Marsico32' 8.00OX
BoysMidget Shot Put 2John Henry Daley30' 10.00MP
BoysMidget Shot Put 3Tyler Rust27' 9.50CAM
BoysMidget Shot Put 4Luke Ming26' 8.25CAM
BoysMidget Shot Put 5Owen Ziese26' 4.50CAM
BoysMidget Shot Put 6Johnny Wotawa26' 1.50MP
BoysMidget Shot Put 7Tristan Arenzana25' 11.00CAM
BoysMidget Shot Put 8Wesley Wild24' 5.00TOF
BoysMidget Shot Put 9Caleb Carfaro22' 10.50CAM
GirlsYouth Shot Put 1Hailey Maddox31' 9.25TOF
GirlsYouth Shot Put 2Lauren McLaughlin31' 3.00MP
GirlsYouth Shot Put 3Paloma Mora30' 11.00HVB
GirlsYouth Shot Put 4Samantha Johnson30' 3.25TOF
GirlsYouth Shot Put 5Laurie Nickolaisen29' 10.50TOF
GirlsYouth Shot Put 6Rebecca Penner28' 3.00MP
GirlsYouth Shot Put 7Anastasia Gabriel27' 6.00MP
GirlsYouth Shot Put 8Jasmine Wright27' 4.00NP
GirlsYouth Shot Put 9Jacqueline Chavez26' 7.50HVB
BoysYouth Shot Put 1Luciano Barretto48' 11.50OX
BoysYouth Shot Put 2Jacob Radwan39' 5.00CAM
BoysYouth Shot Put 3Edgar Vigil38' 7.50HVB
BoysYouth Shot Put 4Moses Marsico32' 10.00OX
BoysYouth Shot Put 5Luis Davila31' 7.50TOF
BoysYouth Shot Put 6Kellen Barsley28' 10.50CAM
BoysYouth Shot Put 7Nathan Vasquez27' 5.50CAM
BoysYouth Shot Put 8Christopher Baselice26' 0.00VEN
BoysYouth Shot Put 9Brody Lynch25' 3.50VEN
Girls Intermediate Shot Put 1Isabella Mancuso27' 1.00MP
Boys Intermediate Shot Put 1Griffen Ziese33' 3.00CAM
Boys Intermediate Shot Put 2Carroll Piper28' 6.00TOF
Boys Intermediate Shot Put 3Andrew Garcia24' 5.50OX
Boys Intermediate Shot Put 4Walter Gause24' 1.00TOF

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