VCYTC Staging – Timing – Data Clinic February 21st — RSVP by Feb. 14th

Your Staging, Computer, and Timing teams are invited to attend a “Using Bib Stickers & MMplus” clinic…

Clinic to include an introduction to using bib stickers and MMPlus (software by Leigh Stivers of Camarillo Cosmos)

  • Eliminates the need to hand prepare the small event stickers with athlete’s best marks for proper staging. Facilitates fast & easy staging because the bib stickers include meet rankings by event…just line the kids up by their rank number to stage!
  • Replaces athlete data-entry into Meet Manager (Events, Heats and Positions/Lanes) from after the race to before the race in staging which allows results to be posted within minutes (or even seconds) of race completion! Entry can even be done by barcode!
  • Eliminates the need to pull tags at the finish line, so you can reassign your tag-pullers to become Escorts to keep heats organized from staging to their starting point on the track!
  • Finally provides an easy process to create, score and enter Field Event Results sheets with automatically ranked and fair heats.


* When: Saturday, February 21, 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

* Where: TBD – Rio Mesa High School (between Oxnard and Camarillo) – Track Field – Finish Line


  1. MMplus demo – printing Bib stickers and Field Event sheets before the meet) –Leigh
  2. System set up, especially networked Staging computer and bar coder — Erin & Leigh
  3. Staging and Staging Data-Entry (Bib rank, hip stickers, data-entry, escorts) — Mark & Erin
  4. Timing/Scoring races on FinishLynx and posting results to MM and to website (including mixed events/heats) — Erin & Leigh
  5. Field Event sheets (usage and entering into MM) — Mark & Erin

Potential Participants:

  • Timers, Computer System and Finish Tent personnel
  • Staging volunteers and Staging Data-Input volunteers (possible new position for some clubs)
  • Field Event Scorers/Data-Input

Please RSVP @ before February 14 your attendees names and positions. Coffee and pastries served at 8:45 to 9:00.

Additional info, and RSVP address: Mark Williams, Camarillo Cosmos @

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