IMPORTANT RULES – 4/11 & 4/12 Southern California Youth Invitational

Just a reminder about some of the rules for the meet at College of the Canyons this weekend – please make sure all coaches and parents are aware. We would recommend printing a copy for every coach who will be at the meet and making sure they read it. Ignorance of the rules is not excusable!

  1. Meet Director is Tim Owen, with assistance from Sean Morreale (CAM) and Erik Brink (UTC).  All issues should be directed to one of these three individuals.

  2. Meet responsibilities attached, please make sure that you have your areas covered.  All clubs are required to have at least two people there at 6:30AM for Set Up.  First Race goes off at 8:30.

  3. No Coaches Allowed on the Field, only Volunteers.  No Coaching from the Infield or Track.  Coaching from outside the fence is permitted as long as it does not interfere with the event.  In particular the field events, coaches cannot be coaching while other athletes are competing and disrupting the event. The Field Event Judges will determine if the coach is interfering.
  4. COACH Meeting – The Coach Meeting will be held at the Front Gate outside of the Stadium at 8:10.  This way no coaches will be on the field at the start of the meet.  Again, no coaches are allowed on the track and infield, only volunteers.

  5. Relay Zone Judges will be selected by the Meet Director in advance of the meet.  He will communicate directly with selected clubs to notify.

  6. Appeals – If a club or coach does not agree with a judgement or a disqualification rendered during the event, the club has 30 minutes to file a protest with the Meet Directors.  In order for the appeal to be heard a $50 cash fee must be paid in advance and the appeal will be reviewed by the Meet Directors and Jury of Appeals once the protest has been filed.  The decision by the Directors/Jury of Appeals is binding and final.  If the protest upheld, the $50 fee will be returned to the protester.  Each Club must identify one club representative, which should be their President or Head Coach, to be the one to approach the Meet Director if an appeal is brought forward.  The Meet Director will only consider an Appeal from that Representative.  WE WILL NOT CONSIDER an appeal unless it is brought by the identified team representative and includes the $50 Fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

    PLEASE SEND ME THE NAME OF THE CLUB REPRESENTATIVE FROM YOUR CLUB WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR APPEALS.  We need this in advance of the meet so that there is no confusion during the meet.

  7. COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS:  Please respect the facility, we are guests and this facility should be treated as your own.  We that said here are some of the basics that must be followed:  1) WATER ONLY ON TRACK OF INFIELD;  2) NO FOOD OR DRINK ON TRACK OR INFIELD, except water; 3) NO CLIMBING OR JUMPING OVER FENCES – PLEASE RESPECT THE FACILITY

  8. All EPI Entries need to be submitted by Wednesday, April 8 at Midnight.


6th Annual Southern California Youth Invitational

Two conferences, 16 clubs & approximately 2000 athletes!

The Southern California Youth Invitational @ College of the Canyons


Entries only accepted from VCYTC clubs @ EPI SPORTS — START ENTERING YOUR ATHLETES NOW!

EPI is now open to accept entries – entries are due by 4/6/2015 @ 7:00PM – dont wait until last minute to get entries in – EPI will shut off and your athletes will not get to run!

Meet Director’s Notes:
Event limits: Bantam, Midget, and Youth may participate in up to 2 individual events plus 1 relay, or 1 individual event plus 2 relays
Intermediates / Young Women & Men: up to 3 individual events or same as above. Strictly enforced (sanction for over-eventing, is DQ for all events participated in).

NOTE: Last year, some clubs created multiple accounts to enter athletes causing unnecessary work for John Molster with SCYTFC
please only create one account for your entire club, no additional coaches accounts or athletes may not be entered into meet.

If you need assistance loading your roster into EPI, please contact Erin Sap with VCYTC @

VCYTC Staging – Timing – Data Clinic February 21st — RSVP by Feb. 14th

Your Staging, Computer, and Timing teams are invited to attend a “Using Bib Stickers & MMplus” clinic…

Clinic to include an introduction to using bib stickers and MMPlus (software by Leigh Stivers of Camarillo Cosmos)

  • Eliminates the need to hand prepare the small event stickers with athlete’s best marks for proper staging. Facilitates fast & easy staging because the bib stickers include meet rankings by event…just line the kids up by their rank number to stage!
  • Replaces athlete data-entry into Meet Manager (Events, Heats and Positions/Lanes) from after the race to before the race in staging which allows results to be posted within minutes (or even seconds) of race completion! Entry can even be done by barcode!
  • Eliminates the need to pull tags at the finish line, so you can reassign your tag-pullers to become Escorts to keep heats organized from staging to their starting point on the track!
  • Finally provides an easy process to create, score and enter Field Event Results sheets with automatically ranked and fair heats.


* When: Saturday, February 21, 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

* Where: TBD – Rio Mesa High School (between Oxnard and Camarillo) – Track Field – Finish Line


  1. MMplus demo – printing Bib stickers and Field Event sheets before the meet) –Leigh
  2. System set up, especially networked Staging computer and bar coder — Erin & Leigh
  3. Staging and Staging Data-Entry (Bib rank, hip stickers, data-entry, escorts) — Mark & Erin
  4. Timing/Scoring races on FinishLynx and posting results to MM and to website (including mixed events/heats) — Erin & Leigh
  5. Field Event sheets (usage and entering into MM) — Mark & Erin

Potential Participants:

  • Timers, Computer System and Finish Tent personnel
  • Staging volunteers and Staging Data-Input volunteers (possible new position for some clubs)
  • Field Event Scorers/Data-Input

Please RSVP @ before February 14 your attendees names and positions. Coffee and pastries served at 8:45 to 9:00.

Additional info, and RSVP address: Mark Williams, Camarillo Cosmos @

LA84 Clinic Reminder!

Just a reminder about the LA84 clinic this weekend (

Please pass this info to all your coaches and get them registered ASAP! No matter the experience this is beneficial for all, and even parent volunteers. VCYTC would like to see our participation for this event grow each year and we need a few more to attend to make that happen.


  • Even the most seasoned / savvy coaches we have, will learn something.
  • The idea is to learn something outside your core expertise or discipline.
  • As coaches, you are mentors, you may need to instruct others in areas you may not be strong in.

LA84 Coaching Clinic – Sunday Feb 8th, 2015 @ Moorpark High School

When: Sunday, February 8, 2016, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Moorpark High School, Moorpark,  CA
What: Beginning Level Track & Field Clinic: Field sessions, classroom discussions for youth coaches

This course is designed primarily for youth coaches, but is opened to all interested coaches. The clinic is free. Please register online.

Beginning Level Sessions: These sessions are aimed at the very basic level of instruction. The presenters will discuss the rules and regulations of each event and will present the basic first steps a coach will want to follow in teaching the event to beginning athletes.

All participants will receive a free CD copy of the 456-page LA84 Foundation Track and Field Coaching Manual.


2014 All Comers Meet @ Thousand Oaks High School – December 13th 2014

Sports Scholarship USA Presents:

2014 All Comers Meet, December 13, 2014 at Thousand Oaks High School

Open to Middle School, High School & College/Open Aged Athletes

$6 Registration Fee. Register online at:

For more information click here to dowload the flyer.

Read more: TO Flyers

SSUSA Track & Field Youth Camp

Sports Scholarship USA Presents:

SSUSA Track & Field Youth Camp

Saturday, December 6, 2014 at Thousand Oaks High School

Learn from some of the best coaches in track & Field.

Open to Athletes in 4th thru 8th grade

$30 Registration Fee, includes lunch.

For more information click here to dowload the flyer.

Read more: TO Flyers


DOWNLOAD: SSUSA T&F Youth Camp Informational Flyer

VCYTC Age Divisions

Starting with the 2015 season, The Ventura County Youth Track Conference is recommending each club start classifying age groups by the age range of the eligible participants group instead of the names we have been using. This is to further align with the nationally recognized track organizations and is a preliminary move towards a permanent change.

2014 and priorEffective 2015(YEAR OF BIRTH)
Gremlin8U (8 & Under)2007+
Youth 13-142001-2002